Can You Put an Induction Hob above a Single Oven?

Can you put an induction hob above a single oven? In theory, it’s a convenient arrangement, especially when using hob to oven induction pans.

On the other hand, if you have a small kitchen, this arrangement might be the only practical space-saving solution for you. But is it possible? Let’s find out!

Can an Induction Hob be Fitted over a Single Oven?

Yes, you can put an induction hob above a single oven. Keep in mind that the type of induction hob you choose will also determine if it can go above an oven, e.g, if you buy an induction hob with a built-in extractor, you will need additional space below for the pipes and extraction mechanism.

Things to Consider When Installing an Induction Hob above a Single Oven

Clearance – The hidden base of your induction hob is where the excess heat is usually directed. When fitting the hob above a drawer you’ll normally need a separator plate, but a built-in oven is designed to withstand heat.

On average, the worktop should have a minimum depth of 20 millimetres and the distance allowed between the hob and the oven can be as little as 5 millimetres. It’s important to always follow the manufacturer’s specific guidelines on required clearance.

Induction Hob above Oven

Ventilation – The combined heat from an induction hob and oven needs to be dispersed correctly. Too much constant heat rising up from the oven can damage the sensitive electromagnetic wiring inside the hob.

However, each appliance should have adequate ventilation or a fan. Your hob and oven should include instructions on how much ventilation is required at the back and on either side of the two appliances.

Built-in Extractor Fan – Choosing an induction hob with an integrated extractor can spoil your dream of having the hob above a single oven.

The pipes and mechanism of some built-in extractors are fairly large and are located directly beneath the hob, this means you will need plenty of space under the hob.

Coordinated Appliances – One of the best ways to ensure hob and oven compatibility is to purchase them both from the same manufacturer. Some hobs and ovens come as a coordinated package that can save you money.

However, induction ovens are very rare, so your oven is likely to be gas or electric. When the hob and oven are specifically designed to be together, you should have the best chance of a successful kitchen layout.

Induction Hob over Single Oven Advantages and Disadvantages

When you’re planning your kitchen, the arrangement should last for many years to come. It’s important to think carefully about where to place your appliances before going ahead with the work. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of installing an induction hob above a single oven.


  • Streamlined Cooking Space – Having your cooking facilities in just one place is a great energy-saver – for you personally! It saves you constantly wandering up and down a large kitchen from one appliance to the other. Using multiple culinary techniques such as basting and searing are so much easier when your appliances are all in one location.
  • Efficient Heat Extraction – When you choose an induction hob above oven arrangement, the heat source within your kitchen is concentrated in one area. It means you can install an extractor above or near the combined hob and oven for fast removal of unwanted steam and lingering odours.
  • Mix and Match Power Sources – Installing your induction hob above the oven is an ideal way to use energy-efficient electromagnetic cooking on the hob and conventional gas or electric cooking in the oven.


  • Excessive Heat – Long-term, a hot oven might have an adverse effect on the induction hob’s ultra-sensitive internal mechanism. You can protect your induction hob by following the manufacturer’s advice about clearance and ventilation.
  • Integrated Extractor – Your choice of an induction hob with an integrated extractor could be severely limited. It’s largely due to the sheer size of some of the ducts the fan usually needs directly below the hob.

How Much does it Cost to Install an Induction Hob in the UK?

The cost of installing an induction hob in the UK can vary depending on location, but as a general guide, you can expect to pay anywhere from around £100 to £200 for a basic installation.

If you need to have any extra work done, such as having new wiring installed or having your kitchen cabinets replaced, then the cost will be higher.


It’s perfectly acceptable to place your induction hob above a single oven, provided you follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding clearance and ventilation.

Do your homework before deciding on an induction hob, because the type of hob you choose will ultimately decide whether or not it can go above a single oven.