Induction Hob Protector – Everything You Need to Know!

An induction hob protector is often recommended to preserve the beautiful appearance of a brand-new induction cooktop.

Regardless of how careful you are, it’s remarkably easy for the ceramic glass to become scuffed and scratched. Is an induction hob protection mat the answer? Let’s find out!

Do Induction Hob Protectors Work?

Yes, induction hob protector mats do work! They safeguard against spillages and cushion the blows if you accidentally drop utensils or pans on the glass top, not only that but induction hob protector pads can also help prevent pans from sliding about. These protective mats are also great if you need additional countertop space to chop vegetables or prep other food.

Are Induction Hob Protectors any Good?

Induction hob protector mat helps prevent mess

Yes, they are! The silicone rubber is usually reinforced with fibreglass, making the protector’s surface tough, but cushioned. It can be left in place while you cook as it’s reliably heat-resistant with low to medium temperatures. A protector saves spillages drying onto the glass, making it easy to clean your hob.

An induction hob top protector is far superior to using paper towels, which can actually scratch the glass. A cotton tea towel can be placed over the hob, but it scorches at fairly modest temperatures, leaving unsightly marks on the glass. Also, paper and cotton won’t prevent objects from cracking the glass.

Best Induction Hob Protector

Larsic Induction Hob Top Protector

larsic induction hob protector

This multi-purpose hob cover is ideal for protecting the ceramic glass of your induction hob. It has a generous size of 61cm by 53cm, making it a perfect match for many standard hobs. Manufactured from silicone rubber, it’s soft and pliable.

The anti-slip backing holds it in place, providing stability for pans. The backing is heat-resistant to 90°C and the upper side to 200°C. This cover can easily turn your hob into an additional worktop. It’s waterproof, dishwasher safe and can be folded during use or for storage.

Are induction hob protector mats a standard size?

No, induction hob protector mats come in a range of different sizes. Some are fixed size and some are designed so that you can cut them to your hob top perfectly.

When shopping for an induction hob protector mat, it’s important to measure your cooktop and compare the dimensions to those of the mat.

What are Induction Hob Protector Mats Made of?

Induction hob protector mats are usually made of silicone, although you can still find some made of different materials. Silicone is a popular choice because it is heat-resistant and non-stick. It is also relatively easy to clean.

What can Damage an Induction Hob?

  • Dragging pans – This is the main cause of scratching the ceramic glass.
  • Dropping utensils – It’s easy to let metallic spoons or forks slip.
  • Dishes slipping – You can easily let go of dishes when adding ingredients.
  • Jars falling – Many hobs have been fatally cracked by jars falling from shelves.
  • Dried food – When stuck to a pan’s base it can quickly cause a scratch in the glass.
  • Hot pan lid – A moist lid on the glass can create a powerful, glass cracking suction.
  • Spillages – Food debris sticks once it has cooled and can scratch during removal.
  • Crumbs – Wiping the glass with crumbs still on the hob causes tiny scratches.
  • Abrasive cloths – Cleaning with rough cloths or cleaning agents can damage the hob.
  • Temporary worktop – Without a protector, your hob’s glass is in mortal peril!

How do I Protect my Induction Cooktop with a Protector?

Safeguarding the elegant ceramic glass is essential if you want it to stay that way. Amazingly, using an induction hob protector liner couldn’t be easier. You simply unroll it and place it down on the hob.

The waterproof surface of the silicone rubber prevents food from sticking to it, but afterwards, the protector can be washed. Keeping the protector in place when you’re not using the hob prevents accidental damage.

Most covers are a standard 60cm, but you can also get an induction hob protector 90cm for larger models. A protective cover usually comes equipped with hooks or grippers that let you use it as a splashback.

What is the Best Induction Hob Protector?

The Larsic induction hob protector has many advantages. It can be used at temperatures of up to 90°C and 200°C per side. The liner’s material is resilient, providing a lightly cushioned surface for your pans.

This induction protector mat comes in many different sizes to suit all hob sizes. It’s versatile as a splashback and provides confidence when using your hob as an extra worktop.

Do I need an Induction Hob Protector Mat?

You don’t have to use one, but can you afford not to? Everyone is super careful when they first buy an induction hob, but it’s surprising how quickly you can become complacent.

With an induction hob protective cover in place, you can relax, knowing that your hob is safe from accidents, and general wear and tear.


An induction hob protection mat is relatively inexpensive. Replacing a badly scratched or cracked induction hob is quite the opposite. The cover is hygienic, safe and easy to use, and can greatly add to the pleasure of cooking on an induction hob.