Do Copper Pans work on Induction?

There’s a big question to get out of the way before heading back into the kitchen after a hob upgrade. Do copper pans work on induction?

The truth is that the answer is complicated. It takes a deep inspection of your copper pots and pans to see if they count as induction-friendly cookware. Take a look at how to determine if your copper pans will work with induction cooking!

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Do Copper Pans Work on Induction?

copper pans do not work on induction

The short answer is that copper pans do not work on induction. However, that’s far from the end of the story. There are a lot of nuances here. Copper pans don’t work on induction cooktops because they are not ferromagnetic. Being ferromagnetic essentially means having magnetization.

Induction cooking works by creating a magnetic flux that heats pots and pans directly via magnetic induction.

A pan needs to be made of ferrous metal (at least the base) in order to work with an induction cooktop. Popular choices for induction cooking are cast iron, stainless steel and all-clad cookware. However, there is a way for a copper pot to work with induction cooking.

Copper Pans that Work on Induction

Copper pans with ferrous metal base will work on induction

Nearly any pot with a base made of ferrous metal will work on induction. Yes, that even includes pots with copper cores. It’s important to look for pots and pans featuring a layer of stainless steel or aluminium at the base.

More coverage is better when it comes to effective induction cooking. Look for steel and aluminium layers that extend as far up the sides of a pan as possible.

Pans will simply heat faster if the energy is conducted throughout the sides when compared to a pan that only conducts heat from the bottom.

How to Check If Your Copper Pans Will Work With Induction

What if you already own a set of copper pots and pans that you’re hoping to keep once you upgrade to an induction cooktop? It’s easy to understand why you would want to cling to copper pots and pans. Many people have copper cookware that they inherited from family.

Copper offers the benefits of:

  • Having a natural antibacterial effect. Bacteria and germs are unable to survive on copper surfaces. This is a big plus in a busy kitchen!
  • Not scorching.
  • Conducting heat evenly. In fact, copper’s heat distribution is about 20 times better than stainless steel!

The first step to keeping your copper pots and pans is to simply test if they are somehow already compatible with induction cooking. Many designs are actually lined with ferrous metal for induction compatibility.

The tip for how to determine if a copper pan is compatible with induction cooking is also helpful for people who are shopping for new pans.

First, simply inspect the pan to see if it has the induction symbol that resembles four wire loops.

induction hob symbol on pan

This symbol is found on the surface of the pan’s base. The pan you’re holding has been designed for induction cooking if you see that symbol.

There’s also another way to confirm induction compatibility. Bring out a magnet. Your pan is ready for induction cooking if you can get a magnet to stick to the bottom.

If the magnet slides off, your pan isn’t ready for induction cooking.

How to Make Copper Pan Work on Induction?

induction hob convertor plate

It is possible to alter copper pans to make them work with induction cooking. You’ll need to purchase something called a converter disc.

These handled discs are typically made of iron or stainless steel. They slide right under your pots and pans to evenly distribute heat generated from the cooktop.

Can Copper Pans be Damaged by Heat on an Induction Hob?

Induction hobs reach a sizzling temperature in a fraction of the time compared to other hobs. Copper is perfect for these high temperatures, but it can warp over time due to the softness of the metal.

However, induction-ready copper pans will have a thick, heavy base containing a layer of tough cast iron or steel. This should prevent the pan’s base from becoming uneven.

When choosing copper pans, make sure the sides are thick and durable. Stainless steel linings should help withstand warping caused by high temperatures.

Wrapping up

Do copper pans work on induction? Not by default. However, copper pans that feature bases made of ferrous metal will work on induction.

You can also keep a treasured set of copper cookware in use by purchasing a converter disc that allows you to turn any pan into an induction pan on the fly!