Do Aluminium Pans work on Induction?

There’s excitement in the air because you’re upgrading to an induction hob! However, the status of your current cookware might be up in the air for the same reason. Will your aluminium pans work with your induction hob?

You’ve probably heard by now that only select metals are compatible with induction cooking. This isn’t just a case of chefs being snobs about cookware. There’s a scientific explanation for why only some pans work on induction cookers. Do aluminium pans work on induction? Let’s find out!

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Do Aluminium Pans Work on Induction?

Aluminium pans DO NOT work on induction

The short answer is that pure aluminium pans do not work on induction unless they have been specifically designed with a magnetic base. The reason why is that induction cookers only work with ferrous metals. Ferrous metals are metals that are magnetic due to the fact that they contain iron

As you may know, induction cooking heats food using a magnetic field. Unfortunately, aluminium doesn’t naturally contain iron. Aluminium happens to join other metals like copper, lead, nickel, tin, titanium, brass, bronze and zinc on the list of non-ferrous metals.

Can I Keep My Aluminium Pans If I Get an Induction Hob

While we just covered why aluminium pans don’t work on induction, you shouldn’t be sending your aluminium cookware to the rubbish bin just yet. There’s a way to save the situation. It’s actually possible to buy ferrous discs that convert any pan into an induction-friendly pan!

induction hob convertor plate

These discs simply slip under your pan when you’re cooking on your induction hob. They come with handles that make it easier to handle your pan safely. Some purists aren’t fans of converter discs for induction cooking. There’s a simple reason for this.

You actually get faster, stronger heat in your pan if you have more ferrous coverage. That’s why pans with ferrous metal going all along the sides are simply preferred by chefs.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t have an enjoyable experience using a converter disc. Plenty of people are perfectly happy with them.

Can You Buy Aluminium Pans for Induction Cooking?

The surprising answer is that you can. That’s because some manufacturers actually combine different metals to make aluminium pans that are essentially just as compatible with induction cooking as pure ferrous metals like steel and cast iron.

The secret is that these cookware manufacturers are simply making aluminium pans that have magnetic bases made of ferrous metals.

It’s a best-of-both-world scenario because you can enjoy the lightweight feel, good thermal conductivity and affordable price of aluminium while still being able to use induction cooking.

How to Check If Your Aluminium Pans Work on Induction?

test pan on induction hob

If you suspect that you may have a pan that contains a magnetic base even though the body is made of aluminium, there’s a fast way to confirm your suspicion.

Simply place a magnet on the bottom of the pan. You’re ready for some induction cooking if the magnet sticks. If the magnet slides off, it’s time to consider either altering or replacing your pan.

Final Thoughts: Give Your Aluminium Pans a Chance Before You Toss Them

Do aluminium pans work on induction? The answer can ultimately come down to how badly you want them to! Upgrading your cooker doesn’t have to mean upgrading your cookware by default just because you have pans made from aluminium.

It’s possible that a non-ferrous pan made of aluminium has a magnetized base. If you would love to hang on to your existing cookware for any reason stemming from your budget to a sentimental attachment, you can also consider purchasing converter discs that allow you to cook with aluminium on an induction hob.