Best One Egg Frying Pan for Induction Hob

A one egg frying pan for induction hob is perfect for those days when a small breakfast is all you need.

In this guide, we’ll highlight three of the best one egg frying pans for induction hob, and list a few key things you should look for when buying a mini one egg frying pan.

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The metal used to make the pan (at least the base) must be magnetic or the pan will not work on an induction hob. All the one egg frying pans listed below are 100% induction hob compatible.

1. Ibili One Egg Frying Pan for Induction Hob

This tiny pan has a very attractive appearance. The speckled, stone coating is tough, highly durable and reliably non-stick. The interior is seamless without any handle rivets. The depth of the pan is 7cm, which is more generous than most mini frying pans.

The curved sides should help you manoeuvre food without the ingredients accidentally spilling. The pan is manufactured from aluminium, which is ideal for even heat distribution.

The base of the pan contains a layer of magnetised steel. It’s relatively thick and warp-resistant, making it suitable for an induction hob. It’s lightweight at 100 grams, but deceptively sturdy.


  • Tough, non-stick coating
  • Seamless construction
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Not ovenproof
  • Very lightweight

2. Lazmin Mini One Egg Frying Pan

The Lazmin mini frying pan is 100% compatible with induction hobs because it’s made from iron. It’s an ideal material for an induction hob as it makes a good connection with the electromagnetic circuit, it also distributes heat effectively.

This 1 egg frying pan arrives pre-seasoned, although it needs to be washed thoroughly before use. Once you’ve re-seasoned it, you’ll find it’s reliably non-stick and easy to clean.

The handle is made of sturdy bakelite, which stays cool and comfortable in use. The overall weight of the pan is 140 grams. It has a good balance despite its lightweight construction.


  • Iron construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Delicate non-stick coating
  • Shallow sides

3. Demoyaya Mini Frying Pan for Induction Hob

The Demoyaya one egg frying pan is made of cast iron. As a magnetised metal, it’s ideal for an induction hob, dispensing with the need for a layered base.

The pan has a non-stick coating that’s free of PFOA and it won’t transfer contaminants such as cadmium to your food. The depth of the pan is relatively shallow at 3cm, although it should be more than adequate for frying one egg.

The bakelite plastic handle is very comfortable to hold and stays relatively cool when the pan is in use. The weight of the pan is 162 grams.


  • PFOA-free coating
  • Comfortable handle
  • Dishwasher safe


  • A bit shallow

What to Look for in a One Egg Frying Pan for Induction Hob

If you’re looking for the best one egg frying pan for an induction hob, you will need to know a few basics!


The metal used to make the pan (at least the base) determines whether or not the pan will actually work on an induction hob, how quickly the pan heats up, and how well the pan distributes heat.

induction hob pan

Cast-iron and carbon steel are already magnetised, so these will work without any problems. Aluminium pans will need a layer of steel at the base to connect with the magnetic circuit.


A single egg frying pan for an induction hob is usually light enough for anyone to handle. However, a heavy pan should help it stay in place and keep the connection with the hob’s circuitry.


Without a sturdy, flat base, a 1 egg frying pan won’t make a good connection. With naturally magnetised metals such as carbon steel and cast iron, the manufacturers often omit a layered base.

With an aluminium pan, it’s vital to attract the electric current. A layer of magnetised steel strengthens the base, helping it to resist warping which otherwise makes the connection unreliable.

Non-Stick Coating

You need to keep a cast-iron one egg frying pan well-seasoned with oil to preserve its natural non-stick quality. Many non-stick coatings can quickly deteriorate if you have the heat up too high, or if you use metal utensils. Stone coatings are becoming increasingly popular as they are extra tough and highly durable.


A single egg frying pan has many more uses. It’s ideal for frying small quantities of herbs, nuts, mushrooms or croutons for use in other recipes.

You can even use it to make a mini omelette or lightly fry a bagel or English muffin. However, when manoeuvring the food, it’s easy to tip the ingredients out of the pan if the sides are too shallow. A design that curves slightly inward is helpful in containing food.

Is a One Egg Frying Pan too Small for an Induction Hob?

A one egg mini frying pan should work on an induction hob even though the pan is smaller than the burner. Magnetised metal should be able to attract the heat.

However, if you place it over a particularly large cooking zone, the pan might not sufficiently connect with the electromagnetic current. Using the smallest burner is advisable.


A one egg frying pan is convenient and versatile. However, it needs a sturdy base that won’t warp, ensuring a reliable connection with the electromagnetic circuit.

Even magnetised cast iron won’t perform at its best if the construction is too delicate, as the metal can easily distort. A reliably tough non-stick quality makes the pan easy to use and easy to clean.

When using the mini frying pan for sautéing ingredients, it may be helpful if the pan has deep sides.