Can You Use Le Creuset Cookware on Induction Hobs?

Known for producing candy-coloured finishes over durable cast iron, Le Creuset elevates any kitchen, but can you use Le Creuset cookware on induction hobs?

As you may know, if you’re doing your research on induction hobs, many people end up having to replace their existing cookware when making the upgrade to induction due to the fact that induction cooking only works with certain metals.

Can you use Le Creuset cookware on induction hobs? Let’s hope the answer doesn’t have you simmering with disappointment if you love your colourful Le Creuset cookware set!

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Can You Use Le Creuset Cookware on Induction Hobs?

Le Creuset Induction

If you have no intention of tossing your Le Creuset pots and pans in the trash, get ready to bubble over with joy because most Le Creuset pans will work on induction.

The truth is that you probably won’t need to replace your cookware once you transition over to an induction hob if you have Le Creuset. However, there are some caveats that need to be built into this answer.

Let’s stick with the good news first. Le Creuset cookware is actually extremely versatile. It works with nearly every hob under the sun! Yes, that includes induction hobs.

However, not every Le Creuset piece in a set is necessarily going to work for you. While the brand’s cast-iron pots and pans are universal, Le Creuset stoneware isn’t quite so versatile.

Pieces from Le Creuset’s stoneware collections won’t function on induction hobs. What’s more, these pieces aren’t compatible with glass-top hobs.

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Tip: You Should Still Confirm That Your Cookware Works with an Induction Hob

Le Creuset works on Induction

This point is especially important if you’re thinking of purchasing some new Le Creuset cookware to go along with your new induction hob. In fact, it applies every time you purchase new cookware from any brand.

Always check the product description to confirm that a pot or pan is compatible with induction cooking. Only pans made of ferrous metal will work with induction heating.

Yes, the cast iron used on Le Creuset fits the bill. However, many brands actually use cheaper metals that won’t work with induction even though they are in the right “category.”

The good news is that you won’t harm your induction hob if you test your existing cookware to see if it works.

In fact, nothing will happen at all. That’s because induction hobs can’t activate unless they come into contact with the right pans that are capable of making a magnetic connection

Your hob will just seem “dead” if you try to use a normal pan on an induction hob.

Are Le Creuset Pots Too Heavy for Induction Hobs?

Le Creuset is safe for induction

While you know that your hob will turn on once you place Le Creuset on the surface, you may be wondering if it’s actually a good idea to choose this brand.

Le Creuset cookware is notoriously heavy. Many of the pots weigh between 12 pounds and 16 pounds! This might make you wonder if that weight is healthy for your hob.

A heavy cast-iron pan does have the potential to harm your hob if you’re not careful. You’ll need to handle everything gingerly to avoid putting the pan down with too much force.

You’ll also want to avoid sliding the pan over your hob because this can create scratches. While scratches won’t actually impact your hob’s performance, they can be unattractive.

The key is to always place the pan down gently directly on the hob without any sliding action. It can also be helpful to wipe down the bottom of your cookware before placing it on the hob because little granules can scratch the surface of your hob.

The general rule for preserving your hob is to only use pots and pans that are in good condition. Older, damaged cookware has the potential to damage your hob by creating deep scratches.

There’s also the fear that a handle might break off as you’re holding the pan over your hob. This could cause the pan to crash down and crack your induction hob.

Final Thoughts: Yes, Le Creuset Cookware Works on Induction Hobs

Can you use Le Creuset cookware on induction hobs? Absolutely! The big takeaway is that you should try to use newer cookware that you clean and maintain regularly.

In addition, you should be slow, patient and attentive when cooking on your hob because the heaviness of Le Creuset cookware does pose risks for damaging your hob. However, this will almost never be a problem for someone who knows even the basics of cooking.